Monday, 3 October 2016

6 best apps that you should have for your PC for an easy life

If you have a PC and a busy work schedule then there should be something in your PC which will assist you while working. There are certain apps for you so as to help you in doing the task with an ease.

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The must-have free apps for your PC
1.       Avira Antivirus
First, you should have an antivirus for your PC to protect it from the latest worm or viruses in the cyber hub. It is a free app to have in your system and it will protect the system from worms, viruses, malware and infected files.
2.       Libre office
It is a must have app for you on your PC to do your tasks easily. It has all the features as of Microsoft office like presentations, spreadsheets, vector graphics, databases and mathematical formulae etc.
3.       Google chrome
Google chrome is the next app that you should have in your system as it is a fastest browsing app to help you find something or browsing something on the internet.
4.       GIMP
          This is an alternative for the Photoshop to have the best-edited  pictures on your PC. It includes some smart tools which are free to use like transformations, clone stamp, healing brush etc. through which you will get awesomely edited pictures.
5.       Music bee
It is next to free app that you should select the music playlist. You can organize or stream the player as per your choice.
Everything you want in a music player is there in this app. you can manage the music playlist of your easily with this app.

6.       Foxit Reader
Next is the Foxit reader in the list through which you can create, read and then convert it to the PDF. You can convert the office files or scanned copies of the documents into the PDF format.

7 best android games to experience while relaxing

There are a number of Gaming apps which are famous and offer you amazing puzzles to solve and so maintain the interest of  a player but there are a few number of apps which can give you a real-time gaming experience and provide you a rich set of features in the game so as to maintain the interest for continuous playing without being bored of the game. So we are here with the list of 10 best android games.

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1.         Ancestor
It is an action game which further has a puzzle which is mixed with a side scrolling action runner. A sharp thinking and quick response are needed for the level up in this particular game.

2.         Pokémon Go
It is the next game in which you have to find and catch the Pokémon for the future battles. It is based on augmented reality.

3.         Vainglory
It is basically an action game in which the gamer has to jump directly into the battle with the random selection of teammates and opponents.

4.         Asphalt 8
Next in the category is the racing game which is an improved version of the Airborne. Players can start with the career mode and then they can unlock many more new rides, they can also upgrade with the present belongings.

5.         Disney crossy Road
It is a fun game in which to choose a character from the famous Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck etc. and cross the road while avoiding the traffic on the road.

6.         Hearthstone
This game is based on the turn and basically a card game. You have to defeat the online players present in the game with your card which is based on Warcraft universe.

7.         Smash Hit

It is a target practice game in which players has to smash the glass obstacles present in the game and to tap the screen so as to toss the marble of the game.

3 best smartphone games having amazing graphics and features

Nowadays smartphones are coming up with more powerful features, so they are more capable of handling the graphics games. So we can say that we have a list of HD games which you can experience with the high featured smartphone. As most of the smartphones have Android OS then we can also say that the list of best Android games.

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1.       Modern combat 5; blackout.
This game has amazing graphics and is a shooting game which is available to download. A gamer will have to play as a soldier in this game which has different abilities like running, throwing, shooting, sprinting etc. which he can use so as to kill the opponent. This game also comprises different locations to play with like Venice, construction site. It has a vast variety of weapons which you can unlock while playing and finishing different stages of the game.
2.       Asphalt 8; Airborne
It is basically a racing game and the also a successor of Asphalt 7; heat. It has now the option of tilt a screen to control, with on the screen available steering and on the screen buttons to control the cars. It also has a vast variety of cars with some latest model cars of a real world in the game. The player can even have the option to drive a concept car. A player can play in two different modes, a single-player and a multi-player to play the game.
3.       Real racing 3

Next in the list is Real Racing 3 which is also a racing game but a track racing game. It has amazing graphics and attractive features which will differentiate it with the competitors. The game has simple controls to drive the car in the includes some challenges which a player has to finish in order to get a new car. It also has two modes to play a single player and a multiplayer mode. It is a free game to enjoy playing and experiencing an amazing game.

4 android games to play in the year of 2016

Many new games are coming up every month in the Google play store to entertain the players and game lovers, but some games are there which suddenly will becomes a sensation in the gaming world right with their arrival. Some of the games which are in the latest buzz because of their features or puzzles or some technique, we are listed here which are among the top android games.


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1.         Lifeline: crisis line
It is available with the cost of $2.99 and offers some in-app is a game where you will get a text for the scenario of the game and then you have to decide what’s going on and respond accordingly. You are actually playing a detective to solve a murder case in the game. You will have a different puzzle which you need to solve so as to proceed in the case.
2.         Kerflux
It is a free game which a few number of puzzles in which you will get a few different waves. A player has a wave which he can move and he has to do the task in a way that the wave should match the final wave. It is a free game and also will cost up to $7.99 through some in-app purchases or donations for the developer (if you want).
3.         Hovercraft: Takedown
This one is also a free game with some in-app purchases. It is a racing game in which you have to drive with speed while racing with the bad guys of the game. You will further have your own vehicles and a number of weapons to battle with the opponent.
4.         Bulb Boy

It is an adventure game and will cost you $2.49 in which you have to play the character of a bulb this game bulb boy was awakened by a bad dream in which he has to save the day by taking down the bad guys.

3 best iPhone games to experience this season

When it comes to iPhone gaming apps there are a plenty of apps in the Apple store, some of which are really awesome or you can say that a must experience gaming app. We have filtered a few to let you know the best apps for iPhone users.


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It is a simple puzzle game which has three different shapes, the smallest shape is the square shape and the largest shape is the long squares or long blocks. Then a player has to drag the shapes into a ten by ten canvas. A player will get three more shapes when he or she uses the three different shapes which they currently have. Now finally a player has to complete a line either horizontally or vertically and then the line will vanish. With each vanished line you will score a point in the game.
It is also an exciting game to play; it seems like a future game. It is a beautiful game to play in which you have to position your craft just by hitting at the edges of the screen, or if the player will zoom in on the goal. You have to touch the screen at the right moment precisely so as to achieve the goal and this habit may frustrate you easily if you are playing for long. But sometimes you may also experience fun in the game by avoiding the obstacles in the route, grabbing the pickups etc.
3. Alphabear
This is another word game but with the stars bears. When you start you will get a board with some letters on it, now you have to tap on the word and space and after which the letters will be replaced by the bears and again the bear is now surrounded by some more letters. It has ad added complexity in the game with the countdown timers, letters with the time if remain unused then changes colors from green to yellow then orange and finally yellow