Monday, 3 October 2016

3 best iPhone games to experience this season

When it comes to iPhone gaming apps there are a plenty of apps in the Apple store, some of which are really awesome or you can say that a must experience gaming app. We have filtered a few to let you know the best apps for iPhone users.


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It is a simple puzzle game which has three different shapes, the smallest shape is the square shape and the largest shape is the long squares or long blocks. Then a player has to drag the shapes into a ten by ten canvas. A player will get three more shapes when he or she uses the three different shapes which they currently have. Now finally a player has to complete a line either horizontally or vertically and then the line will vanish. With each vanished line you will score a point in the game.
It is also an exciting game to play; it seems like a future game. It is a beautiful game to play in which you have to position your craft just by hitting at the edges of the screen, or if the player will zoom in on the goal. You have to touch the screen at the right moment precisely so as to achieve the goal and this habit may frustrate you easily if you are playing for long. But sometimes you may also experience fun in the game by avoiding the obstacles in the route, grabbing the pickups etc.
3. Alphabear
This is another word game but with the stars bears. When you start you will get a board with some letters on it, now you have to tap on the word and space and after which the letters will be replaced by the bears and again the bear is now surrounded by some more letters. It has ad added complexity in the game with the countdown timers, letters with the time if remain unused then changes colors from green to yellow then orange and finally yellow